Wat zijn de marketing skills van morgen?

Doordat marketing verandert worden ook de vaardigheden anders die je nodig hebt om een goede marketeer te zijn. Daarom de vraag: wat zijn de marketing skills van morgen? (of eigenlijk: van vandaag).
Onderscheid offline / online marketing verdwenen
Ik heb het bewust niet over “online marketing” skills, want volgens mij is het onderscheid tussen offline en online marketeers al verdwenen. Anders gezegd: een marketeer die nu nog steeds geen verstand heeft van online marketing is de titel marketeer niet waardig. Of overdrijf ik nou?
15 noodzakelijke marketing skills
Adam Singer
van weblog The Future Buzz maakte een lijstje met de marketing skills van morgen. Hieronder een ingekorte versie van zijn punten:

  1. Writing skills are critical: Never before has writing mattered more.  While we were trending to a society dominated by video, the web changed all that and gave rebirth to the written word.
  2. Meaningful insight into analytics/interpretation of data: Good marketers know not just how to record metrics and what KPIs matter, but how to use that data to influence decisions at the strategy table and get buy in for new projects.
  3. Nexus of marketing specializations: Only by understanding PR, Social Media and SEO can you successfully make their natural overlap work for you.
  4. Digital strategy development: Forming effective digital strategies is more than just taking current situation data and applying it to a process or formula (…) When everyone is applying the same tactics to acquire limited resources, only those who were first win.
  5. Leadership: Tomorrow’s marketing professionals must be leaders and be confident in their ability to drive a brand forward.
  6. Not afraid to fail: don’t just be prepared for failure, get organized around it.
  7. Always experimenting: You should experiment if you hope to have a cache of creative ideas on tap.  Only then will you have an array of experience – outside of your normal realms – to draw from.
  8. Understanding of tools/technologies/applications/programming languages: I’m not saying you have to know how to build a rails app – not at all.  But you should know what programming languages are capable of.
  9. Fresh thinking with content: Can you slice and dice content ideas in 10 different ways, making each one compelling?
  10. An understanding of how to orchestrate buzz: Buzz is a vital element of digital PR, and tomorrow’s marketers will understand the importance of it, how to orchestrate it and measure it accurately.
  11. They’ll be members of the media: Because they will be blogging and creating digital media, tomorrow’s marketers will be active, connected members of the media.
  12. Content marketing will be second nature: Where we segment the idea of content marketing into it’s own category of marketing today – in the future it will just be known as marketing.
  13. They will champion niche media over mass: Mass media will become less and less relevant as we create a world where reaching everyone is reaching no one.
  14. Understanding of the rules that govern groups: Current marketing classes will need to be fused with sociology to remain relevant in a digital society.
  15. Ability to tap power users and influencers: Marketers of tomorrow (at least the good ones) will be well connected and have their finger on the pulse of the world’s connectors.

Verleiden en overtuigen ontbreekt?
Een mooi lijst waar ik het helemaal mee eens ben. Het enige wat ik hier in mis is een punt als “understands the difference between good usability and persuasion“. Als marketeer van morgen moet je snappen dat een goede usability niet genoeg is. Een website zonder knelpunten (dus met een goede usability) betekent niet automatisch dat de site bezoekers aanzet tot actie (zoals een aankoop). Je moet bezoekers verleiden en overtuigen.

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