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Every day, all kinds of images fight for our attention. I take it all in, filter it to what is usable and transform it to my own imagery. I find inspiration in commercials, street art, architecture, posters, hiphop, typography en advertising.

As a self-taught artist with a background in design & business communication, my work is an interplay of words, colours and images. For my artworks, I use different techniques such as print, stencils, screenprint, spraypaint and acrylic on canvas. To achieve extra vibrant colours and dept, I apply epoxy resin on the finished works by myself. I begin my work without any preconceived ideas at all what the finished work is going to look like. I like the idea of each painting being a journey, ending at an unknown destination.

The layers of torn street posters fascinate me. I see a lot of beauty in these old weathered street posters. A new life that hides behind an old, waiting to be discovered. For me it somehow represents the energy of the city. With their seemingly random shapes, colors, texture these torn posters form a work of art on their own. By adding multiple layers of colors, different images and texture I want to give each painting a unique mood and depth – no two paintings are ever the same.

I think art should be available for a broad audience. To me, art is not about empty white-wall galleries and difficult conversations with gallery-owners. It’s not about heavy investments. And it’s certainly not about “good art” and “bad art”. It’s just about the emotion you get when you see something you really like. As simple as that.

Art should not be only available for “people with money”. Therefore I do not rent a fancy studio downtown. That saves me a lot of money so I can keep my prices low. And I also don’t work with galleries who put on a heavy (commission) pricetag to the painting to cover their expenses (so that’s another money-saver). Basically there’s just this website. There’s no middleman between me (the artist) and you (the buyer). This gives you the opportunity to buy great contemporary art at an affordable price. And it gives me the opportunity to earn a decent living. We both win!

All of my paintings are ready to hang and sent with no shipment charges. Each piece I create is a one of a kind piece of art. All artworks will be hand-signed and included with a certificate of authenticity, so you can feel 100% confident when purchasing my paintings. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer ALL your questions. If you just want to say “hi” you’re more than welcome as well.

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I’m 100% committed to make sure you have complete peace of mind when buying your artwork.

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